Monson is at the door and some of you are must be planning to go somewhere on holidays. We have brought to you a list of where you should spend your precious holidays.   So here is goes. . .

1. Munnar(kerela)

Munnar is a paradise for nature lovers. Munnar is the perfect location for couples to plan their honeymoon. Monson season in munnar starts in the first week of june and can be last till august. One can not predict the temperature and weather in Munnar during monsoon so you should pack your baggage completely and do not forgot to carry warm clothes, jackets and rain coats.

2. Cherapunjee(Meghalaya)

Cherapunjee is the second wettest place on the earth. It generally recieves rain throughout the year. If you are a nature lover then this is a must visit place. Here you can find Meghalaya tea which is quite different from assam and darjelling tea. In the season of monsoon,there is full of greenary. You can also experience double decker tree bridges here. The best time to visit cherapunjee is in august.

3. Kodaikanal(Tamilnadu)

Kodaikanal is the one of the most famous hill station in south india. It recieves moderate rainfall. You can often see sun and clouds playing hide and seek here. At a particular time sun is shining and suddenly there are dark clouds. The best time to visit this place is in august. This is the only time where a traveller can find the rain swept valleys and misty mountains.

4. Lahaul-Spiti(Himachal Pradesh)

The valleys of Lahaul-Spiti are blessed with nature’s best. The popolation of Lahaul-Spiti is very less than other places so it is a Ideal place for some solitude. This  place also offers advantures activities like skinng,yak safari and wildlife traits. There are also many beautiful monasteries and some unique shrines thst speak of the custom and faith of this region. The best time to visit this place is july and august.

5. Agumbe(Karnataka)

Agumbe is the one of the popular treks in south india. The  mountains and valleys are filled with many waterfalls which are a prime attraction. Here you can taste the special vanilla flavored tea which is just so much better. there is a gallery erected on high point on hills where you can see as far as the arabian sea. So it is the one of the best places to visit in the season of monsoon. This place is also known as the cherapunjee of south.

6. Andaman-Nicobar Islands

Andanam-Nicobar Islands are the one of the beautiful places of indis. It is also one of the rainy places in india during season of monsoon. some days are rainy while mostly days are sunny. On a sunny day you can visit Beladaru beach on Batarang island. On rainy days, there are many indoor activities to do. Other places to visit here are dolphin resort, cellular jail etc. August is the best time to visit here.

7. Bikaner(Rajasthan)

Climate of Bikaner is hot but with little rain, it is bearable. The rain splashed majestic palaces of junagarh, lallgarh, Gajner and the famous Jain temple and the Karni mata temple are the must visit places in Bikaner. The other places to visit in Bikaner are national research center on camel, Shri luxminath temple, Ganga singh Museam and Sadul singh Museam. Best time to visit bikaner is in july and august.

8. Mussorie(Uttrakhand)

Mussorie is situated inthe foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range. The beautiful hills of Mussorie looks even more beautiful in rainy season. The drive from Dehradun to mussorie  itself is breathtaking. you can saw spectacular view of himalayas here. You can also visit waterfalls like battha and kempty along with naga devta temple ans many beautiful churches.

9. Pondicherry

The temperature at Pondicherry cools down in monsoons,enabling to enjoy the lush green fields and hilly terrains of Pondicherry. One of the major attraction of this place is vast land of coffee plantations which leaves a fragrance of coffee in the air. The frech war momorial, Pondicherry museam, Jawahar toy museam, Paradise beach and Pondicherry beach are some of the best places to visit here.

10. Mandu(Madhya Pradesh)

Mandu is called as the city of  architectural ruins takes on arustic tint during monsoon. There are many beautiful Domes and Minarets in Mandu. The famous love story of Rajput Rani Roopmati and last Sultan of Malwa took place here. It also houses the Tomb of Malwa’s second king Hoshang Singh and that was country’s first marble monument.



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