It’s like Sunday 9pm(USA)/Monday 8am(India) again but wait! NO Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones season 7 has ended, and the next season is due not before 2019, (yes it’s official!) We know the struggle all GOT fans will be going through. The void of emptiness every week. The craving for a story. So we at CW have come up with a list that can help the fans of “Game of Thrones”  get their weekly quota of the drama in not a spin-off but similar and captivating TV series that have been famous (or infamous) but have been immensely entertaining and addicting. You can go binge watching all of these shows and still crave for more.

10 TV shows to watch while you wait for the ‘Game of thrones’ to return:

The Walking Dead

Game of ThronesThe zombie apocalypse has begun, and county sheriff Rick Grimes wakes up from coma after months. The story is a edge of the seat drama which revolves around the sheriff and the few survivors during the post apocalyptic time. This survivalist story magnifies personal problems with an excellent backdrop to show how the survivors of the apocalypse can be more dangerous than the dead. How the alive, have become The Walking Dead.

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

Walter white is a chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. He has only two years to live and decides that he has nothing to loose so stays with his son, who has cerebral palsy and his wife in ____. In order to ensure his family’s future after him, he gets into the drug dealing business with one of his former students. He becomes one of the major players in the crime world. The show emphasises the steps people take after being diagnosed with life ending diseases. How the good starts Breaking Bad.

White Collar

Game of Thrones

Nick Caffrey is a charming mastermind con artist. Peter Burke is straightman FBI Agent. They come together to solve the most difficult of crimes. Nick becomes a C.I. (Criminal Informant) to Burke after getting arrested and the duo make a fabulous pair to solve the most skilful crimes in the region. Along with the story of them solving the crimes, there is a greater story that goes along the series. As they say, you need a master criminal to solve master crimes. This is the best pair in the White Collar division of New York FBI.

Special Mention: Mozart’s (Mozzie) genius in providing the needed things to Nick is invaluable.

[Anime Fan? Wanna watch some animes too? !]


Game of Thrones During childhood, Matt Murdock was blinded by a chemical spill in a freak accident. This not just blinded him but gave him superhuman senses which he used to see the world and provides justice by being a lawyer during the day and a vigilante at night who stalks the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, The man without Fear.


Game of Thrones

The story is based in the medieval time Rome wherein Thracian Spartacus , gets sold as a slave to a Gladiator trainer (Lentulus Batiatus). After training when he has to fight to the death for his master’s entertainment, he leads a rebellion against slavery that decides the future of Roman seat of power. The number of slaves increased in the revolt and they reach southern tip of Italy from where Spartacus and his revolvers will return to their homeland.


Game of Thrones

The story of Ragnar Lothbrok, the greatest hero of his age (period). The series tells us the story of Ragnar, the greatest Viking warrior of his age and his brothers. How he is the bravest warriors and becomes the king of the Viking tribes. Legend has it that he is a decedent of Odin (the Norse god).


Game of Thrones

Mike Ross, a brilliant high school dropout, is on the run from a drug deal gone bad. He finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, New York’s best lawyer. The duo is a winning combination and even though Mike has a lot to learn, his emotions remind Harvey why he joined law and keeps him grounded.


Game of Thrones

Pablo Escobar (A Colombian drug lord) and Steve Murphy are the target for a DEA agent who was sent on a US mission to capture and kill them. The story shows Pablo and his life. It focuses on his for his family and associates and also showing that despite his crimes, he is still a human.

Two and A Half Men

Game of Thrones

The Harper brothers, Charlie and Alan are totally opposites but form a great team. The only thing common in them is their dislike for their mother, Evelyn. The sitcom mainly revolves around their conflicting lifestyles and their bantering with Evelyn and other members in the story.


Game of Thrones

A Chicago based financial advisor, who is also the top money launderer for the largest drug cartel in Mexico has to shift with his entire family to the Missouri Ozarks after a drug deal went awry.



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