Apart from Red IPhones Apple is Introducing Clips. A new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos with text, effects, graphics, and more.

Clips is a new video editing and sharing app for iOS devices announced by Apple Inc. on Tuesday. It allows users to combine multiple clips into a single video, apply various filters, special effects, and share it on social networks. ‘Live Titles’ is a notable feature which allows users to add animated captions using their voice. Clips will hit the App Store sometime in April.

It borrows features from Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, Prisma, iMovie, and Qwiki (remember that one?), and puts them all into a video-making mobile app that’s completely separate from Apple’s core camera app on iPhone and iPad.


First Reporting of Slice App

It’s been long overdue, and also, long-in-the-works: it was first reported last summer that this kind of app was being developed, with Apple looking for ways to up the value of its existing iPhone hardware while simultaneously developing technology that could be enhanced by new cameras or sensors down the line. It’s still not a social network all by itself, but the Clips app shows that Apple is eager to remain a part of the conversation — and people’s workflows — around social sharing apps.

Live Titles

Live Titles are one of the most interesting features of the Clips app, because I don’t know of any other social video apps that have this. It’s a way of adding text over still photos and videos using your voice. This means you don’t have to type in the text overlay; you can tap the Live Title option, choose a style, and then record your voice while the app translates that to text. It will do this in 36 different languages, too. The result is a kind of rolling captioning over your Clips videos.

Adding Titles While Shooting

Like the other features in the app, you can add the titles while you’re shooting or after the fact to a prerecorded video; but figuring out which thing to tap to add and remove Live Titles, add your actual voice plus text, mute your voice but keep the text, etc., tripped me up.

Another downside is that you can’t scribble text over your Clips like you would in Snapchat or Instagram. Yup: you can scribble things on a tiny 38mm Apple Watch using your finger, but you can’t do that in the Clips app for iPhone and iPad, at least not yet.

Smart Suggestions : A new feature rolling out

Apple is rolling out something called Smart Suggestions for the first time, which means the app will suggest people you might want to share to in iMessage based on the same facial recognition software used in Apple’s Photos app. So if I make a Clips video featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, and Amitabh Bachhan, and all of those people are on iMessage, the app will automatically suggest I share to those contacts first.

Share Smarter

Contrary to what you might have been thinking, Clips itself is not a social network. It allows users to share videos on other leading platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.


Another nice feature: Clips will let you shoot or upload single video clips up to 30 minutes long, and the final video’s total run time can go up to 60 minutes. There’s also an option for full-screen, text-based graphics cards called Posters, which let you create bookends to your videos or even “How To” title cards in between shots.

Using of Existing features

But other features are not all that new, including: adding filters, basic text, contextual elements like location or time of day, emoji, and iTunes music tracks. Stringing together a series of photos or video clips into a timeline is also not new. And in what perhaps is the most egregious “borrow” on Apple’s part: one of Apple’s newest filters in Clips bears a striking resemblance to the effects of the Prisma app. (Although in Clips, you can add this filter live as you shoot video; it’s not processing after the fact.)


Clips will arrive on the App Store next month. It’s compatible with different iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch versions running iOS 10.3 which is expected to arrive in the coming days.




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