Beamlink VT02

Education is an important part of the development and growth of every individual, whether he is a child or an adult. Ever since the inception of man, education and learning have always been of prime importance. This is what has led to all the inventions and developments in science and technology that we are so accustomed to today. But as technology develops, it is also important to include modern products and devices in the process of imparting education to students. You can use these kinds of products to create smart classrooms that will enhance the way you teach and also help students learn faster and in a more efficient manner. Technology is also used today to hold conference calls at your workplace. Now you can connect with people from various offices around the world and talk to them in real time. This also helps you communicate faster and increase productivity.

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Creating Smart Rooms

A classroom is where a child or student spends most of his or her day. Students are always eager to learn provided they are given the right resources and the right teaching methods are used. Smart classrooms are the way to go, in order to achieve this. Smart classrooms make use of modern technology to impart education in a very unique way. Having a Low-Latency Wireless Video Transmission System installed in your school or college can help you stream pictures and films in a seamless manner. Students respond better and learn better when they are taught using visual aids, and the Beamlink VT02+VR02 is just the device to help you do this.

Almost Zero Lag

Sometimes when you stream videos over a long distance, you may encounter scenarios where the streaming gets stuck in between. This can keep happening and can become very irritating for the viewers. It also becomes highly distracting. A Low-Latency Wireless Video Transmission System can help prevent this from happening. The Beamlink VT02+VR02 is a versatile and sturdy device that has almost zero lag. It consists of both the transmitter and receiver, and streams very high quality data across long distances. At the same time it ensures that there is no loss in the quality of the data being sent. This enables you to transmit even the best films through this device.

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Long Distance Range


 Beamlink VT02

 Beamlink VT02


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