You’ve got an outstanding E-commerce website with an attractive design, a better price, and a finely tuned checkout process but you don’t have the kind of conversion rate for what you are looking and shopping cart abandonment is a constant problem. There are many reasons for this such as quality of your product and services, high competitiveness, and your business locations etc.

Whereas the shipping cost and handling has been a big reason that user abandons shopping carts, weekly developed platform, security and concerns also make the list.

The rising occurrence of malware, scams and just plain sloppy customer service makes users more cautious with their click than even before- which means that trust sign on your site is more vital than ever before. Here are top five ways you can do to ease your potential customer’s worries and make them more likely to visit and purchase your products online.

·        Make it Personal: User doesn’t trust websites or pages. They trust people. So it’s important that your site has the human factor. One way or another, you have to present your potential customer with real names and faces. Develop an “about us” page not to just present about your company but should also have a message from your company’s President or Founder (of course with photo) or Meet our Team Part.

·        Look Professional: Show that you’re a “genuine” company with all the things a real company would have, such as an easy way to contact customer service or business. This Future Shop Customer Support is a perfect illustration of what a customer service part of an e-commerce website should be. It is not necessary to have big like this but it should easy navigate and also all related information your user might look for. Keep in mind, the more proper your customer service FAQs; the more confident an online buyer will have to your products.

·        Show that Others Trust You: What others say about you and your business, services or products is much more compelling than what you say, even if you’re more expressive. So ensure that you put customer testimonials on your e-commerce website. Although today text testimonials are great but when YouTube resigns; video testimonials are even more appealing.

Another method to prove that other people trust your company is by showing the positive news about your business, services or products in a News section of the website. If you’re lucky enough to be featured in some popular media, develop some instant trustworthiness with your website visitors by showing the logos of the media your company has been positively mentioned in on your homepage.

·        Prove That Your Website is Secure: Now a day’s online buyers are savvy users, know about added “s” in address bars https rather than HTTP and padlock signs that inform them on the website is secured, a complete need for an e-commerce website.

Using SSL (secure sockets layers) websites secures their servers. It is a standard security protocol which encrypts data between browser and web server. For this, the web server requires an SSL Certificate. Any worth the price and full-featured e-commerce solution will give the SSL certificate so that you can give to your customers with a secure checkout when they purchase your products online. If your e-commerce website doesn’t automatically show a notice to the consumer after checkout that they are using a secure server. You have to make sure that your consumers know your website is secure by showing your SSL certificate symbol.

Additionally, from your SSL certificate, it is a good idea to assure your customer by showing them who your payment processor is.

·        Mitigate Customers’ Risks: Consider your e-commerce solution from a prospective of consumer’s. What’s their biggest risk? That they won’t like your product and trapped with it and not able to get their money back. So boost the trustworthiness of your website by addressing the fear up front, spelling out your shipping and returns policy.

Conclusion: When any customers first visit your e-commerce website, they do exactly the same thing, when they walk into a strange conventional shop entrance – look around, size up the place, and choose whether they trust the business enough to buy something from them. If you want them to purchase something from your e-commerce portal, you should do everything you can to make sure they find you trustworthy enough.



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