Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues after Windows 10 Update

Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues in Windows 10. Recently after the latest launch of Windows 10, many people started observing some problems with the Bluetooth Driver. The actual issue is that in most of the cases the Driver has stopped working fine. This means that people are not being able to use Bluetooth on their Windows 10 Laptop/PC. A big issue, right? Well, maybe Microsoft hasn’t yet been able to encounter that. But I have a solution to that. Wanna know? Keep reading.

How to Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues after Windows 10 Update?

Unlike Windows Vista, and Windows 7 the newest version of Windows seems to have a lot many problems with the Bluetooth. First of all, let us have a look at the most common Errors which are coming up on the Microsoft’s Blogs.

General Errors which people are facing:-

  • Bluetooth Driver not found in Windows 10
  • Bluetooth is unable to Detect the Connected devices in Windows 10

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Now, let us look below at the Steps to follow for Getting Rid of these errors in no time.

Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Issues, Windows 10 Bluetooth

Steps to Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues after Windows 10 Update:-

  • Check if the Bluetooth Driver is present: Go to Start>Settings>Devices>Find Bluetooth.
    Now, if you don’t find a Bluetooth Device on your PC here, you will have to write a new audio universal Bluetooth windows driver.
  • To Write a Universal Bluetooth Windows Driver you will need to know a bit more about the Code. For that, I suggest you read out this guide by Microsoft. (Follow the steps in the section titled Building a Universal Windows driver to build a Universal Windows driver using the Kernel Mode Driver (KMDF) template)
  • Now, after reading this guide and following each step mentioned there, you will be having a new Universal Bluetooth Driver, written and added to your Windows 10 PC.
  • Also, if this too doesn’t solve your Bluetooth Driver Issues after Windows 10 Update, then contact Microsoft Support on 1800 102 1100

So, you saw, this was it about Windows 10 Bluetooth Driver Issues. I hope now you know How to Fix Bluetooth Driver Issues after Windows 10 Update? Well, it is always great writing to help you people. Also, I suggest you stay tuned for a lot more such content from the Curious Writers.


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