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iphone reboot/respring Bug

A number of iPhone users in India, China, Japan and other parts of the world are complaining about being stuck in a iphone reboot/respring loop. The issue started occurring for users after the the date and time rolled to 12:15 AM 2nd December.

The problem is affecting all iPhone variants out there including the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus which are running on iOS 11.1 and higher. Apple’s support helpline has already acknowledged the issue and the support staffs were overwhelmed with calls from affected users while tech team found a perfect solution for the issue.

What’s the issue?

Lots of people on iOS 11.1.2 and maybe other versions have been facing issues in the past 24 hours or so, suffering from iphone reboot/respring and bootloops after seconds or minutes of using their phone. This issue may affect iPads as well (not confirmed).

Technically this is actually a “respring” if you see a spinning circle rather than the Apple logo.

This means that Springboard (the home screen with all the icons) is reloading itself, but your entire phone remains switched on throughout. You will be prompted to enter your passcode again once Springboard has reloaded.

The issue seems to stem from a bug in iOS which is being triggered by apps that send multiple notifications or reminders a day.

iphone reboot/respring, iphone reboot/respring bug, iphone date bug, iphone 2nd december bug, ios 11.2

How to Fix iOS iphone reboot/respring Bug

Force restart your phone after trying any of these as they may not work straight away. Remember different iPhones have different force restart methods.

iPhone 6/s and below: home + power iPhone 7: volume down + power iPhone 8/X: press then let go volume up, press and let go volume down, hold power.

  • Install iOS 11.2
    Apple has released iOS 11.2 which includes new features like Apple Pay Cash, and it also includes a fix for iOS 11.1.2 date bug which is causing iPhone reboot/respring issue. So, install iOS 11.2 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to fix the date bug. Try other only if you can’t update to iOS 11.2. HERE IS THE GUIDE HOW TO UPDATE IOS
  • Senior Apple Support Reps are suggesting manually setting the date to 1 day before the problem started . However, this is NOT recommended. You should be aware that an incorrect date/time can affect many other aspects of your phone. Read on for a better fix.
  • Don’t turn back the date. Many server calls will fail which means websites won’t load correctly or at all, apps may not update or launch (twitter, whatsapp) and calendar events, reminders, and messages won’t work.
  •  If you have an app that has local notification with repeating settings (e.g. Headspace, Calm, or any other apps that use daily reminders) it will crash iOS Springboard, commencing Dec. 2 @ 12:15am. Disabling notifications for these apps may fix your issue.
  • Best viable workaround is to turn off third-party notifications. If you’re not sure which apps employ local, repeating notifications, turn them all off. DO THIS ONLY IF YOU CAN’T UPDATE iOS 11.2

iphone reboot/respring, iphone reboot/respring bug, iphone date bug, iphone 2nd december bug, ios 11.2Temporary Fix for iphone reboot/respring bug

  • If you cannot disable your notifications, then temporarily roll back your date and time to 1 week ago, this will enable you to disable your notifications and then you can return to the current date and time without glitches.
    • Changing your timezone to Honolulu, or changing your date and time to 1 week ago may temporarily fix the issue. It seems like the issue may be based on or linked to your system clock.
    • Some people have reported that deleting the Headspace app (if you have it installed) will solve this issue. However, there are plenty of people that never had the app and are still facing the issue so this may not work.
    • Disable Background App Refresh (Settings > General)
    • Settings > About > Reset > Reset All Settings (use as last resort, or just update ios somehow and play outside)
  • Other recommendations:
    • Make a full backup of your device via iTunes. If your phone is doing a RESPRING, not a reboot, then you will be able to back up even whilst it resprings. Your phone is replaceable; your photos aren’t.
    • If your phone is getting too hot, switch it off completely to avoid any damage, and keep an eye on this thread for a possible fix.

What DOESN’T work (according to user reports):

  • Hard reset by holding Power + Home button: doesn’t fix the problem
  • Reinstall apps: doesn’t fix the problem
  • Restart the phone: doesn’t fix the problem
  • Rolling Back Date.

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