This method does not require computer you need a just good internet connection. in ios11 beta 1 huge bugs are there in ios11 beta 2 those bugs are improved.

*please note that once you install beta2 you can’t downgrade to ios 10.3.2 or beta1

Follow the step given below to get ios11 beta2


step 1: – install ios11 beta2 profile

to install beta 2 profile go to the link given below ( open in Safari )

when you open the link in Safari you want to click ios 11(update) button.

  • once you click ios11(update) button you will directly go to install profile page.
  • now click the Install button.

  • after that restart requires menu pop up now click the restart button.
  • once your device restarted go to setting >general >software update

  • once you click software to update your ios 11 beta2 get automatically requested to the server.

  • after getting an update request download will automatically be started.
  • once download completed hit the install button.
  • you were done you get fully functional ios 11 beta2 without losing any data.




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