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“Get Paid Android app Free” is a list of paid Android app that have gone free for a limited time on Play Store. Check out 10th November 2017’s list.

So today 10th November there are several app which are available for free on Playstore including INR 20,000 app which you most probably won’t buy in years. And also a great game Hitman Sniper which is great paid game with over 5m downloads still being a paid one.

get paid android apps, get paid apps freeThese app were free when this list was posted. They may or may not be free when you actually access them at a later time as these promotions are only for a limited time period. 

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NEW get paid android app offers


  1. Original Price $1.99 Rating 4★  Downloads 1000-5000⇓                                      Test your mental strength as you solve forty five mind bending puzzles

    Crystal Paradox
    Crystal Paradox
    Developer: Eber Saenz
    Price: Free
  2. Hitman Sniper  🔥 Best Deal of the Day 
    Original Price $0.99 Rating 4.5★  Downloads 1000000-5000000⇓                        BECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSIN 
    Hitman Sniper
    Hitman Sniper
    Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
    Price: $0.99+
  3. Dungeon Defense
    Dungeon Defense
    Developer: GameCoaster
    Price: $0.99+
  4. Dots puzzle
    Dots puzzle
    Developer: Fatpingu
    Price: $1.99+
  5. StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO
    StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO
    Developer: BUG-Studio
    Price: Free
  6. Bit Bit Love
    Bit Bit Love
    Price: $0.99
  7. 드래곤헌터 키우기: 1급 헌터
    드래곤헌터 키우기: 1급 헌터
    Developer: LMSY
    Price: $0.99+


  1. Sort2Folder - File Sorter
    Sort2Folder - File Sorter
    Developer: Nelson Shaw
    Price: $0.99
  2. Ray Financial Calculator Pro
    Ray Financial Calculator Pro
  3. World Time
    World Time
    Developer: ManDroid Labs
    Price: $0.99

Customization and Icon Packs

  1. Amons - Icon Pack
    Amons - Icon Pack
    Developer: SZ Inc.
    Price: $0.99
  2. Art Alive: Night 3D Pro lwp
    Art Alive: Night 3D Pro lwp

OLD RUNNING get paid android app offers

Will update from tomorrow.

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