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Get Paid Android appss Free is a list of paid Android appss that have gone free for a limited time on Play Store. Check out 11th November 2017’s list.

In today’s listing, we have found some really cool games to try and also some day to day usage appss like screenshots and gym workout appss for your health.

These appss were free when this list was posted. They may or may not be free when you actually access them at a later time as these promotions are only for a limited time period

Today’s Stats: Total 80 Listings, 23 New Listings, 57 Ongoing Listings, 50 appss, 30 Games, Total Worth of Listings: $109


NEW get paid android app Listings


  1. Flip, bounce, smash and dash your way to victory!Simple tap controls! A Gravity Flip Platformer/Runner from indie developer irrational idiom.
    [appsbox googleplay id=com.irrationalidiom.quik_release ]
  2. Darkland is a challenging platform game with one touch controller from indie developer. In this game, there is no moving buttons, no jumping button like others. Just touch to move and that is what you need to play. Be careful and prepare your finger. It is a quite hard platform game that you’ve never seen before. [appsbox googleplay id=com.senspark.darkland]
  3. Zero to Billionaire is a simple click based role playing game. You play an 18 year old character with $0 in hand and homeless. You just have only one dream, Become a Billionaire! [appsbox googleplay]
  4. Jumping game with new the ninja guy to avoid obstacles and earn coins to be top on leaderboards.
    Challenge your friends now.
    Tap on the screen to flip the ninja guy,game will be full tough try to challenge yourself:)[appsbox googleplay id=com.brightmoon.megajumppro ]
  5. A creative toddler game that helps young children develop their imagination, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Coloring with this color game will enable your kindergarten kids to create their own unique world of creativity and imagination. [appsbox googleplay id=com.iabuzz.ColoringBook ]
  6. At long time ago, there was a world which lives various species live together. But as the vicious devil appsears, all world filled with blood and wrappsed with war.
    Please become women priest stella yourself, kill the devil and bring peace to this world![appsbox googleplay id=com.wapl.PriestsAdventure]
  7. Planetarix is a challenging and very interesting memory and attention training game. We have arranged the most adventurous journey with the steepest task—save the universe! In the world of the unknown, we have to unveil our allies. We shall go from a planet to a planet to discover who is our friend and most importantly who is not. [appsbox googleplay id=com.whalebygames.planetaryx.memory]
  8. “The Ball Reach”
    A hard ball game.
    Difficult and not easy game.
    Balance and Rolling ball game… [appsbox googleplay id=com.kanawati.TheBallReach ]

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  1. 🔥 Best apps of the Day –  ET Music Player Pro – the powerful music player, one of the best choise for Music Player apps, enjoy great music with ET Music Player, an appslication designed and built based on material design. We bring you a smoother experience on every move. [appsbox googleplay id=com.sdcode.etmusicplayerpro ]
  2. Timberscan Mobile allows you to route and appsrove invoices on your mobile device. Timberscan Mobile requires the latest version of Timberscan and a subscription to hh2 Cloud Services to function. Without either one, this apps will not work as designed.[appsbox googleplay id=com.hh2TimberScan]
  3. GymACE is the most versatile and most efficient workout log for strength training, weight lifting and bodybuilding – with or without weights, at home or in the gym. Grow bigger – get stronger. [appsbox googleplay]
  4. Cloze Test Generator is a tool to – as the name says – generate cloze texts. If you are e. g. a teacher you can easily create a test for your students. Just insert your text into Cloze Test Generator and select a level how high the underscore appsearance rate should be. You can select 8 different levels. Cloze Test Generator will create your cloze text with a list of the replaced words and you can either share it or send it e. g. to your mail account or you can save it as a textfile or PDF under a specific name on your phone. After generation you still can edit the text if you are not happsy with the result. Cloze Text Generator is very easy to use. Just try it! [appsbox googleplay id=com.kewitschka.clozegenerator]
  5. The times are over, where you had to trigger complicated key combinations just to take a screenshot. With Screenshot Pro you can take screenshots with just 1 click and share them with any apps. [appsbox googleplay id=com.kewitschka.screenshotpro2]
  6. appslication Chemical elements and nomenclature are used to search for elements and nomenclature of compounds.
    appslication can serve as a tool for studying elements and some compounds.[appsbox googleplay id=cz.david_simak.chemical_elements_and_terminology_no_ads ]
  7. Simple apps of Diary + Notes + Pocket
    Top features of myLog:
    ☆ Diary + Notes + Pocket in a single apps
    ☆ Secure – Pattern/PIN/Fingerprint lock for apps
    ☆ Saves time
    ☆ Small apps
    ☆ No adds [appsbox googleplay id=com.ram.chocolate.san]
  8. The 7 Minute Smart Workout Challenge contains:
    chest, classic, six pack abs, woman, butt, intense, skipping rope, fat loss and alpha 20 research proven workouts.[appsbox googleplay id=com.arsutech.sevenmin ]
  9. apps for converting PDF files to JPG or PNG images. apps show your PDF document before converting, so you know, what file you converting. You can convert PDF file, when you press button for sharing in PDF viewer or in filemanager. [appsbox googleplay id=cz.david_simak.pdf_converter ]
  10. Multiplication Math Trainer is a math learning apps designed to help you to practice multiplication. The built-in handwriting recognition allows you to draw answers directly on the screen. [appsbox googleplay ]

Customization and Icon Packs

  1. Rocsy Square – Icon Pack [appsbox googleplay id=com.rainystudio.rocsysquareiconpack]
  2. Easy one-touch silent mode!
    Supports silent mode according to the genuine camera shooting and set apps.
    Users of Android 7.0 (who) or later can quickly turn on / off with quick setting tile support. [appsbox googleplay id=com.kmshack.mute ]
  3. Napu comes with over 3800 HD icons + themed HD wallpaper – made with attention to detail and the passion for quality. [appsbox googleplay id=com.saintberlinatelier.iconshowcase.napu]
  4. Maystarwerk presents Poweramp skin gold green.
    this poweramp skin theme is made for the discerning smartphone owner who demands
    quality, precision and a unique design style [appsbox googleplay id=com.maxmpz.poweramp.skins.goldgruen_maystarwerk]

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Ongoing get paid android appss Listings


  1. Hitman Sniper 
    Original Price $0.99 Rating 4.5★  Downloads 1000000-5000000⇓                        BECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSIN [appsbox googleplay id=com.squareenixmontreal.hitmansniperandroid ]
  2. Original Price $1.99 Rating 4★  Downloads 1000-5000⇓                                      Test your mental strength as you solve forty five mind bending puzzles[appsbox googleplay id = com.EberSaenz.CrystalParadox0]

  3. [appsbox googleplay id=com.buggames.SBP ]

  4. [appsbox googleplay ]

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