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Google Maps go HIGHLIGHTS

A few days ago, Google announced the official rollout of Android Go, a variant of its mobile platform that’s optimized to run on devices with 512 MB and 1 GB RAM and processing power. Part of that offering included similarly optimized Google apps – including Maps Go. Earlier Google introduced Files Go app for Android, While Files Go was built for every single Android smartphone, the ‘Go’ version of the Google Maps app, has been optimized to work on Android-powered smartphones with less RAM.

Android Police noted that the app now has a listing on Google Play, but it looks like it’s only going to be compatible with Go phones (which are actually slated to arrive in the coming months). However, it’s also listed in the PWA Directory as a progressive web app, and so you can try it by simply firing up your phone’s browser.

Right now, It’ll likely only come in handy for people on older phones or for those who don’t have room for many apps on their devices. It’ll be interesting to see what Google has done with other Google apps for the Go platform – YouTube and Google Search already have Go versions; while Gmail, Assistant, the Play Store, Chrome, and Gboard are set to get lightweight variants as well.

Google Maps go has all the basic features of the Google Map like Navigation, Satellite View, Two-wheeler mode, Live traffic, Live location sharing but it lacks turn-by-turn navigation.

Currently Google Go Maps is available only as a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs allow users to access apps without downloading them, and this means that they’re extremely low-impact on a device’s resources. It also means you can try out the app for yourself without needing a compatible phone. Simply access this link on your phone or PC, and you should be able to access Google Maps Go — it may try to send you to your normal Google Maps app, but you can circumvent that by holding the link and opening it in a new tab.

To Use Google Maps Go

Follow this steps :

Or Download Apk

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