​Day after day India is growing up in the feild of space exploration .From the historical launch of Mangalyaan in year 2013 which was a record in itself to the present remarkable GSLVMk-III which is launched by ISRO at 5:28pm on 5th of may, 2017  from Satish Dhawan Space centre, Sriharikota, Andra pradesh.

A remarkable day in the history of indian space research as it has some remarkable technology and purpose to make it count.

Here it is why GSLVMk-III is so important to India and ISRO :GSLVMk-III


  •  It carried a GSAT-19 which is a geosynchronous satellite weighing about 3,136 kg which is the heaviest satellite ever carried by an indigenous satellite .
  • Before GSLVMkIII ,India had to pay to  other elite nations which have such launch vehicles to carry  these heavy satellites ,which was expensive for India.
  • GSAT-19  which is being set in orbit at an altitude of  179km over just a time of 16 mins  by GSLVMkIII is all set to improve communication networks in India
  • GSLVMk-III  sets strong possibility to board with a human crew after 2020 .
  • The launch  vehicle has a powerful cryogenic stage which helps it to place heavy  payloads (8tonnes) into the low earth orbits of 600km altitude .
  • It is powered by CE20 ,Indias largest cryogenic engine,fueled with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, for upper stages of mission.
  • Two Vikas engines fueled with hypergolic propellent contained in L110 liquid stage which handles the core stage along with  25 mtr long  S200 solid rocket boosters which help in propulsion of rocket developed by Vikram sarabhai Space Centre.
  • Other remarkable features are indigenously made Lithium-ion batteries,miniaturized heat pipes and fibre optic gyro and  micro elctro-mechanicalsystems (MEMS)


What does it mean to India and ISRO
The new GSLVMk-III is around 43 mtr shorter than Mk-II but has more punch power as stated by an ISRO


Before the launch of the GSLVMK-III, India was totally relied on different nations for heavier communication satellites of around 4500 excessively 5000 kg. Tremendous amount of cash is being paid for launching from the other countries. Presently there is no requirement for reliance and Now we require just a small amount of money and the other part can be utilized for R&D purposes. Also different nations will rely on India for from now for launching their satellites. Which also means it will get revenue to the nation as well.

As of now there are feedbacks and argument that ISRO is squandering a colossal measure of citizens cash which can be utilized for lessening destitution. Also, with these accomplishments it is a totally unjustifiable proclamation/statement.


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