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How To Customize Your Favorite Android App?


Ever wondered of customizing your favorite android app or playing your favorite game with unlimited points/coins in pro mode? Well, in this article we are going to take you through a tool that allows you to do all so above with just a click.

In this article, we will be talking about Lucky Patcher tool, Is Lucky Patcher Tool Safe?, and Top 3 Alternatives to LuckyPatcher.

What is a Lucky Patcher tool?

It is a tool that helps one not to crack/hack their favorite Android app exactly but allow customizing the app as per their preference along with unlimited points/coins.  

We will be talking a lot more about the Lucky Patcher tool ahead in the article.

Is Lucky Patcher Tool Safe?

1)    It requires rooting of your device which would illegalize the usage of the device, i.e., your device will go out of warranty for the rest of its lifetime. This is one major drawback, but there are other major benefits too!

2)     You get to play your game/use your app as per your preference, and the permissions asked for usage are limited to the apps which the consent was given.

3)    Another point that you would need to take care of is, Lucky Patcher is all there to stun you by giving you freedom of living in your particular world. You can without much of a stretch manipulate the applications in your particular manner, which will include:


  1. a)    For proper backup of your data in the app, extraction of APK documents b)    For adjustments in the related consent of applications
  2. c)    Open the other paid applications d)    Remove all other permission given to Google applications to use Lucky Patcher.


Basic Requirement to install Lucky Patcher

With a specific end goal to install your favorite apps in pro mode, lucky Patcher is must to have a tool on your device. You can utilize KingRoot or TowelRoot for this which is effortlessly available. It makes the preparing simple and smooth.

Top 3 Alternatives To Lucky Patcher Tool :

Here are the top three alternatives that allow almost similar or better functions to crack your favorite apps as follows–



3)    And App Sara

Note – The alternatives are not ranking based but are the best chosen from 10’s already running in the market. It has been given based upon the reviews and ratings of the existing customers.

Final Words –

In this article, we have introduced you to a tool to customize your favorite android app named Lucky Patcher, given three reasons why Lucky Patcher is safe, and basic requirements to install the tool, and Top 3 Alternatives To Lucky Patcher Tool. Thanks for reading and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.