‘Records’ whenever we hear this word, one thing comes to our mind ‘this person must have done something incredible.’ We all know people who create records are extraordinary people filled with a huge amount of determination and when it comes to Guinness world record that person becomes super special. I mean there are over 7 billion human beings and that one person did something incredible that no other would’ve done. Today I am covering that special person who is daring to make a new record and his determination is so strong that his fellows couldn’t doubt him even for a second.


Sandeep Reddy Banoor” is determined to make a new record for covering the largest distance on bicycle in a country.

Now that we are hoping a new one to be created in world of bicycling, before entering more into what he is about to do let me tell you what is the previous world record in this, the previous record is 15,222 kilometers all over India in 111 days held by Mr. Santosh Holi. Sandeep is after this record and his aim is to complete 22,000 kilometers in 180 days all over India.

So, getting more into this topic actually this record was meant to be created by two people Sandeep Reddy and Krishna but unfortunately Krishna had to return home after few days due to his health issues, The flag off for this record happened on March 26th 2017 in Hyderabad.

Starting in Hyderabad, Telangana covering all border states with the accurate route map.  He is going well and on August 9, he was in Hyderabad, Telangana, he has already completed about 13070 Kilometers and he is going really strong with the help of good people in every place he is going, All bicycle clubs present in every city are helping him and making sure that he achieves this record and make India proud.

He’s really a nice guy and agreed to share some of his experience with us through pics 😉

Covered by media…


Sometimes he couldn’t get decent place to spend night but his will is stronge…


He was honoured at many places…..

Also made a few friends.

In his journey, he saw some beautiful and some dangerous landscapes too…




He was also invited as a guest by Rainbow Groups. Where he shared the stage with Telangana’s deputy CM Mohammed Ali.


Let’s make him a bit famous so that he can get help in every corner of India to complete his record successfully. We wish him all the best to complete his record successfully..!!




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