Top Drug Addicted Countries in the World

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime statistics, the number of people dependent on illegal drugs in 2013 was approximately 246 million; including people aged 15 to 65. It is estimated that this number was equivalent to Indonesia’s population. Yet this growth did not stop here, in 2014 the number of people using illegal drugs has increased by 300000. Apart from this, another fact has been revealed that one in 10 people is abusing drugs, it means that 10% of people around the world have become dependent on illegal drugs. And the sad thing is that only one person succeeds in overcoming addiction out of the 6 people who attended the treatment to quit the addiction.

Most Drug-Addicted Countries in the World

In this way, we can say that this is not the problem of any one country but the entire world is facing this problem even though it has little impact on some countries. Unfortunately, there are some countries in the world where this problem has taken the most horrible form. Let’s see which countries are involved in this.

Most Drug-Addicted Countries in the World

1). Iran- Heroin, 14.32% per capita

Despite the strong policies of the government of Iran, the country is at the top in the world for misuse of illegal drugs where heroin is the most commonly abused. Apart from heroin, its neighboring country Afghanistan sends opium to the country. According to the CIA World Fact Book, Iran is suffering badly from illicit drug addiction that is why people are punished for their involvement in this crime so that people are not involved in this crime. However, due to lack of adequate funds, the country is finding it difficult to overcome this problem but the government has tried to reduce the smuggling of heroin through the border control. But this is not enough; still, the country needs to take several strong steps to control drugs addiction.

2). The United Kingdom, 13.65% per capita

In England, heroin and cocaine are mainly misused and 6.4% of the above average rate here was dependent on the narcotic substances, which is undergoing treatment. Not only this, 1.6 million people are suffering from alcohol addiction in which 53% of women and 52% of men are included who consumed excessive alcohol. In fact, the main reason for the increased dependence on alcohol is being believed that the price of alcohol has already reduced to half. However, in the UK, the drug control cost is 7.5 billion US dollars, which is much higher than Iran. Therefore, the country should move forward to make significant changes.

3). France-prescription pills, 13.20% per capita

France is suffering from misuse of prescription drugs and the main reason for this is that buying painkillers here is cheaper than other countries; therefore, it can be easily obtained. In addition to this, benzodiazepines, buprenorphine, and methadone are the main painkillers among the most commonly used painkillers in the France. Still, the government is continuously working to overcome this problem and the French government has approximately 28 billion US dollars to control the problem of a prescription drug.

4). Slovakia-inhalants, 13% per capita

The most illegal drugs are used in Slovakia through inhalant which is the matter of most concern because a lot of users has died due to the use of drugs by this medium and especially when it is used for the first time. Therefore, the government needs to take special steps to prevent this problem. According to 2006 statistics, Slovakia’s total drug-related expenditure was 0.05%.

5). Afghanistan-heroin, 6.9% per capita

According to the statistics, nearly 1 million people in Afghanistan suffer from heroin addiction. It is estimated that this number is about 8% of its population. In fact, Afghanistan is known for the production of opium. How much unfortunate is that parent who use opium here encourage their children to use it? According to CIA World Fact Book, inside Afghanistan, the Taliban also participates in the opium trade. Unfortunately, the government is unable to make reform policy due to the spread of corruption and instability in Afghanistan.

6). Canada- marijuana, 6.3% per capita

Marijuana addiction in Canada is affecting the people most. Figures have shown that around 44.3% of the population here has used marijuana at least once. In 2012, the number of people using marijuana in Canada was 10.2%. In the World Fact Book, Canada is described as a home drug market producing cannabis and cannabis is exported to the US. Not only this, residents are also encouraged to produce high-quality marijuana inside the houses. On the contrary, The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition is encouraging people to stop the abuse of marijuana and other narcotics. And to prevent this, many types of programs are being organized.

7). United States-prescription pills, 6.2% per capita

At the end of our list comes the United States where prescription pills are used. It is reported that around 7 out of 10 people use prescription pills at least once in life. According to the statistics of The National Institute on Drug Abuse, 52 million people have become addicted to excessive use of prescription pills. Not only that, 5200 people use prescription pills every day.

So, this was about the Most Drug-Addicted Countries in the World. If you found this article useful, stay in touch and give it a share.


  1. Drug addiction is a major problem in the world, and these countries with the biggest drug problems in the world are leading the way. According to the United Nations Drug Office on Drugs and Crime report for 2017, 29.5 million people around the world suffer from drug use disorders. Opioids are the most harmful type of drug, accounted for 70% of negative health impact associated with drugs. “Opioids” is a term used for the entire family of opiates including synthetic and natural opioids. Opiates cover a large range of drugs, some of which can be legally acquired. Examples of opiate include heroin, morphine, oxycodone, codeine, etc.

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