Data has become the number one asset in today’s society. With the cloud technology, the blooming data can be stored and accessed online from any place in the world.

The most suitable carrier of information is most certainly the PDF, Portable Document Format, which can hold any type of data like graphic, symbols, links, text, buttons, etc. The best thing about the PDF is that it is very secure and that it can be easily shared across all devices and cloud while keeping the data integrity intact.

But on the other side, PDF can be hardly edited at all, and therefore it is almost impossible to reuse. To avoid retyping the file from scratch in a common text editor like Microsoft Office Word, you can just reuse the old PDF and convert it to an editable Word document.

Luckily, Cometdocs developed PDF to Word Converter that can convert any PDF to Word document on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Pdf to word converter

Learn about the App’s Features

Unlimited Free Conversion

PDF to Word is free to download and use. You can have unlimited free conversions and also there are no limits on size of the files that can be converted. It is all the same, whether you have a file with few pages or a whole book, it can be converted as well.

Advanced Conversion Servers

PDF to Word PDF to word

The conversion is performed on advanced conversion servers, which offer the good quality of converted files. The PDF file can contain any kind of graphical element or table, it doesn’t change apps performance. Because the conversion isn’t performed on the phone, it saves up the RAM and battery life of the device.

Optical Character Recognition

The scanned PDFs are different from the regular ones because of their structure – they are like images. The OCR technology allows conversion of the scanned PDFs, which is one of the great features that can be found in some of the scanning apps.

Convert Files From Anywhere

You can select the files for conversion that are stored in the device, but you can also use files that are in the cloud. From the app, you can access the files from Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Box and Dropbox.

As you can see, the conversion process is very simple, it takes only a few steps and the file conversion it offers is good compared to the other apps. Therefore, next time you need to make changes on a PDF, try using PDF to Word Converter and manage your data efficiently. Tell us what do you think about the app in comments below?


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