Here i have collected some amazing facts. The first page about the humans and universe. The second page is about the Animals and some true things those you really love to know. Third is just a paragraph but more than a paragraph give it a try.

  • We use our entire brain, not 1% or 10% as some myths say. Every part of our brain is active as each component is responsible for some important function.

We still don’t know why it stopped working in exams.

  • There are some stories like once “Charlie Chaplin came 20th in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest”.

This is a myth that has been around for a long time. Charlie himself never admitted this, and his son didn’t mention it in the book he wrote about his father.

  • The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

Mona Lisa was originally painted with eyelashes and with visible eyebrows, but that these had gradually disappeared over time, perhaps as a result of overcleaning.

  • The Cutest one – Babies Smile because they realize it makes their mothers happy.

  • Babies are always listening — even before they’re born. Ever heard about One of the most affecting stories in the Mahabharata is that of Abhimanyu, the son of Subhadra and Arjuna. Abhimanyu was still in his mother’s womb when he first heard his uncle Krishna telling Subhadra about the secret of the almost impenetrable military formation known as the Chakravyuha but then Subhadra fell asleep while listening to Krishna’s story, and so the unborn child was able to hear only part of the secret. This was to prove tragic years later, during the great war of the Mahabharata, by which time Abhimanyu had grown up and become a young warrior. His memory of what he had heard about the Chakravyuha before he was born took him all the way into the formation, but he could not emerge out of it. Abhimanyu died fighting his way out.

Abhimanyu Fighting Source: Google

Also, a baby as young as two days old will recognize his mother’s voice, even if he only hears one single syllable.

  • A baby in the womb, while developing is able to send stem cells to his/her mother if she needs them. Baby gotta make sure mother is at her best for when he or she is born. Such lovely bond between a mother and a baby.


  • An infants grip is so strong that he can support his own weight if you dangle him. Never ever try this.


  • Laziness and inactivity kill just as many people as smoking.

Source: Google Images

  • You can survive without eating for weeks, but you will only live 11 days without sleeping. So next time you sleep, be remember you are doing this for yourself.


  • The approximate distance of the Earth from the Sun was given in Hanuman Chalisa which was written by Tulsidas in the 16th Century – approx 500 years ago.

Source: Google Images

  • If you could fold a piece of paper in half 42 times, the combined thickness would reach the moon but You can’t fold it more than 7 times. Also at 103 folds, you will get outside of the observable Universe, which is estimated at 93 billion light-years in diameters.

Source: Google Images

  • The moon is moving away from the Earth at a tiny rate of 3.78 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year.

Source: Google Images

  • Kumbh Mela gathering in India is actually visible from space.

Source: Google Images

  • The weird bright dots you see floating when you look at the sky are your white blood cells.

Source: Quora

  • It Snowed in the Sahara dessert for 30 minutes on the 18th February 1979.

Source: Google Images

  • Apollo 11, never landed on Moon

There is no existence of real tapes and records that prove that Neil Armstrong and his men’s landed on the moon. There is a huge conspiracy related to it. Images we see today are shot in an American studio. Maybe one of biggest achievement of humanity is based on a lie of NASA. In 2009, Nasa said that it probably erased its only high-resolution images of the first moonwalk to make room for electronic data from a satellite.

Source: Google Images

It means the only original pictures that remain from the mission are the snowy, grainy images of Neil Armstrong’s ‘giant leap for mankind’.



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