Windows XP on Your Android

Windows XP on Your Android. Windows XP is an operating system which is very famous and was loved by almost every user. I too remember how good it felt using it. The standard XP wallpaper has been so popular amongst all the Windows users at all times. And that is not it. There were so many amazing Features of Windows XP that it made everyone love it. But, how would it feel to use Windows XP on an Android Phone? Well, this New XP Launcher Mod lets you Run Windows XP on Your Android without Rooting. Sounds great, right?

The New XP Launcher Mod lets you Run Windows XP on Your Android without Rooting!

To use Windows XP on a PC, you need to find and Download a Windows XP ISO, while to use it on your Android, you need to have a Mod.

The launcher, suitably named XP Mod Launcher, impersonates Windows XP and does as such pretty effectively. It even copies the boot screen and login sound of Windows XP at whatever point it (the launcher) begins. The launcher works just in scene mode and has a completely practical My Computer and Start menu. The My Computer ‘application’ records the interior and outside memory as C: and D: drives individually, while the Start Menu acts like the application drawer and records all the applications introduced on your telephone.

The launcher additionally gives fundamental operations like cut, reorder. The launcher still needs a significant number genuinely necessary highlights and is here and there ease back to react.

Although the launcher is still in Beta Mode, the developers are trying to fix the existing bugs, improve its performance, add new features and reduce its memory footprint as well. XP Mod Launcher can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Market. And that is all, that is How you can easily find it and use it.

So, this was the New XP Launcher Mod, which lets you use Windows XP on your Android Phone. If you found this article interesting, do give it a share.


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